Hamza Haniffa is one of the front runners of Sri Lanka’s social media marketing industry – a marketing professional, social media manager and branding expert par excellence with an experience of more than 7 years behind him. Hamza Haniffa was born on the 14th of November, 1991 in the central hills of Sri Lanka. After schooling in Gampola and completing his higher studies in 2014, Hamza Haniffa began his journey towards creating innovative, creative and modern marketing strategies for numerous brands in the country.

Having been an IT and Communication Officer for the Government of Sri Lanka, Digital Consultant and eventually the Manager of Strategy Development and Execution at ‘We Digital’ and the CEO of ‘Imaginary Digital Solutions’, Hamza Haniffa also owns the popular ‘Bro – බ්රෝ’ Facebook page since its inception.

Hamza Haniffa has won numerous accolades for his achievements which include the Best Entertainment Facebook Page award at the Social Media Day for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, award for the Most Popular Social Media Icon in 2015, award for the Most Popular Facebook Community Page of the Year at Social Media Day 2014, award for the Most Popular Sri Lankan Tweep of the Year at Social Media Day 2015, award for the Social Media Icon of the Year and Most popular Facebook Admin of the Year at National Youth Development Bureau Awards in 2017 and being the Runner-up of Twitter Premier League Sri Lanka in 2015.

With a large social media following and numerous partnerships with leading Sri Lankan icons in a multitude of industries, Hamza Haniffa stands tall as one of Sri Lanka’s modern marketing sensations. A vision of a creative, innovative, forward thinking and progressive Sri Lankan marketing industry in mind, Hamza Haniffa trails the untrodden paths of Sri Lanka’s marketing industry, which have proven to be effective and successful.

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